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What is ecomate?

Ecomate is the new reference point for European micro small and medium companies that want grow and add value to their business.

We help European SMEs to become more sustainable and unlock their potential with the great opportunities that the green and circular economy can offer.

Sustainability is pushing the business

The direction of the market is already certain, companies are every day more interested in getting “green” certifications and almost 40% of the European medium / large businesses already made investments in sustainability.

It’s already a well proven fact, that benefits deriving from the transition to the green economy, are by far surpassing the initial investment.

European business needs Ecomate

90% of European businesses are micro, small and medium enterprises (mSME). Unfortunately these companies do not have the resources (financial, information, skills), to access the green economy.

Already 26% of EU mSMEs (26% of 30 million) are willing to take action before 2020.

How green is your company from 0 to 100?

Our assessment takes only 30 minutes!