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What is ecomate?

Ecomate is the new reference point for European micro small and medium companies that want grow and add value to their business.

We help European SMEs to become more sustainable and unlock their potential with the great opportunities that the green and circular economy can offer.

Sustainability is pushing the business

It's already a well proven fact, that benefits deriving from the transition to the green economy, are by far surpassing the initial investment.

Companies are every day more interested in being labeled as "green" and almost 40% of European businesses have made some investment in "sustainability".

It's already well known that the linear economical model is no longer sustainable.

European business needs it

Did you know that 90% of European businesses are mSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises)? These companies have difficulties to access the green economy in order to get in line with upcoming EU 2030 standards, access to credits, grow with innovation and get in to modern sales channels.

Already 26% of EU mSMEs (26% of 30 million) are willing to take action before 2020.

How green is your company from 0 to 100?

Our assessment takes only 30 minutes!