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How do we help micro, small and medium companies?

Today, despite of the economical crisis, lots of micro, small and medium businesses are still working with passion and responsibility. Unfortunately, the market still has lots of barriers for SMEs who want to grow:

  • Certifications are very expensive
  • Information is shattered and unclear
  • Skilled consultants are hard to be found
  • There is no official reference brand/portal
  • Access to funding is slow
  • Growth and innovation are slowed down

Get measured

Calculate your sustainability and show everyone how your company is transparent, innovative and green. In less than 30 minutes and with a user friendly questionnaire we can tell you how green is your company from 0 to 100.


Get a full report on how to improve your performance and open the door to new opportunities: get certified, save money, access to European funding, increase your management's performance and much more.

Be found and sell more

We add your company in our green directory, by placing you in a European display of most sustainable SMEs, where new customers will be able to contact you without intermediation and/or find your supplier of green products/services.

Profit from your waste

Access to the circular economy, by exchanging/giving away/selling/buying waste between Ecomate's users. What may be waste for a company can become a primary resource for another.

Ready to get certified?

Our assessment takes only 30 minutes!